Microfiber Towels


Your Key to Unrivaled Cleanliness and Precision!

Your Key to Unrivaled Cleanliness and Precision! In the world of professional care and detailing, where precision and quality go hand in hand, the ProClean Microfiber Towels line defines a new standard of finishing. This is not an ordinary towel. This is a tool created for those who strive for perfection, regardless of whether they work in an advanced detailing studio or take care of their private car fleet, boat or home interior.

The Invisible Power of ProClean: Incomparable precision in eliminating dirt, polishing, drying and daily care is the hallmark of ProClean. Each fiber of our towels is the essence of the latest technological solutions, combining maximum absorbency, subtlety in contact with the surface and longevity.

For Professionals and Enthusiasts: Whether you are a veteran of the detailing industry or a home enthusiast, ProClean serves you the variety and versatility you desire. Our products are equally effective in everyday cleaning, delivering unprecedented results in every corner of your space.

A Spectacle of Cleanliness with ProClean: With ProClean Microfiber Towels, every gesture gains power and the effects of work are like a small work of art. Open the door to a world where purity, shine and perfection reign supreme – choose ProClean, a symbol of uncompromising quality and perfection. Find your invaluable ally in your pursuit of perfection in ProClean.


The SoftXtreme line presents a range of premium microfiber towels that guarantee the highest level of gentleness and protection during the care and cleaning process. From Plush Perfection to Ultra Soft Touch 420, each towel in the SoftXtreme series represents an innovative approach to design and functionality, providing ideal solutions for enthusiasts and detail-oriented professionals. Distinguished by unrivaled softness, density and performance, SoftXtreme towels offer unprecedented versatility and effectiveness for every task, at every step of the care of your vehicle or home. When you choose SoftXtreme, you choose towels that guarantee perfect results every time!


Elite Wipes is a collection of elite microfiber towels, designed for perfection in everyday care. The set includes Ceramic Smooth, ideal for gently removing ceramic and polishing coatings; Miracle Wipe, irreplaceable in removing all types of dirt, and Hydro Hero-Mini, unrivaled in drying all surfaces with the highest precision. Each towel in the Elite Wipes line is a symbol of quality and reliability, ensuring perfect results with every use.

Glass Harmony:

Glass Harmony is a unique line of microfiber towels created especially for the care of glass surfaces. Perfect Glass Polisher (70% polyester, 30% polyamide) is the master of flawless polishing, eliminating the risk of scratches and streaks. In turn, Glass Whisperer (80% polyester, 20% polyamide) guarantees effective and simple removal of dirt from glass. When choosing Glass Harmony, focus on perfection and harmony in caring for glass surfaces.


DryXtreme is the quintessence of professionalism and effectiveness in the field of vehicle drying, offering a unique series of microfiber towels that are essential equipment for anyone looking for perfect results with minimal effort. This elite line includes our flagship products – Hydro Hero and Super Soaker, which are characterized by incomparable absorbency and sizes adapted to various needs. DryXtreme is a compromise between extraordinary drying power and the gentleness necessary to protect your paint from scratches and other damage. By choosing towels from the DryXtreme line, you are investing in the highest quality and reliability, which translates into excellent results with every use. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a weekend enthusiast, DryXtreme is built with your needs in mind.

Everyday Essentials Set:

Everyday Essentials – an indispensable companion in everyday cleaning at home, in the car and more. The set includes four specialized towels: Glass Whisperer, Perfect Glass Polisher, Miracle Wipe and Plush Perfection 500.

Glass Gleamers Set:

Glass Gleamers, an exclusive set for the care of all glass surfaces, consisting of two specialized microfiber towels: Glass Whisperer and Perfect Glass Polisher.

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Choose the perfect products for cleaning your home, camper, car and other surfaces. Their advanced formulas guarantee excellent results and leave surfaces spotlessly clean, giving them a unique shine.

At Kavalier, we understand that taking care of the planet is not only a fashionable trend, but above all our common responsibility. That’s why our products are created with minimal environmental impact in mind.

We use biodegradable ingredients, and our packaging is largely made of renewable or recyclable materials.

In addition, we are involved in various environmental initiatives that help protect our planet for future generations.

By choosing Kavalier products, you choose not only efficiency, but also quality. Our products are the result of almost 150 years of experience and innovation, and each of them has been designed to meet the highest standards of efficiency and safety. It is a combination of tradition and modernity, where each product is synonymous with perfection.

Additionally, we are proud of our commitment to environmental protection, which means that with every purchase you are doing something good not only for yourself, but also for the planet.

Plant active ingredients are natural substances of plant origin that have been identified for their unique cleansing, moisturizing or caring properties.

We use them in our products to provide effective yet gentle care. Thanks to them, our products are not only effective, but also skin and environmentally friendly.

Quality is not just a promise, it is our mission. Each product bearing the Kavalier logo goes through strict quality controls, starting from the design stage, through production, to final tests.

We also offer full customer support and are always ready to help with any questions or problems. Therefore, you can be sure that when you choose Kavalier, you are choosing products you can rely on.