Plant Active Ingredients in Kavalier Products – What’s Worth Knowing?

Hi! If you’re wondering why our Shiny Camper and Shiny House products are so unique, the answer is simple: plant active ingredients! But wait, what does that actually mean? Let me explain.

Plant Power in Your Home
There’s nothing better than harnessing the power of nature, right? That’s why at Kavalier we decided to include ingredients straight from plants in our products. Why? Because they are not only effective, but also friendly to our planet!

Why Plant Active Ingredients?
Some of our friends asked: “Why did you choose plant ingredients?” The answer is simple. Plant active ingredients such as phytochemicals not only clean effectively, but also act gently on the skin. We know that many of you care about what you use to clean your home, and we want to provide products that are not only effective, but also safe for your family and the environment.

Does it Really Work?
Yes! And if you don’t believe our word, take a look at our products from the Shiny Camper and Shiny House lines. Using the natural power of plants, we can remove even the toughest dirt. And what’s the best? We do it in an ecological way and with respect for our planet.

To sum up…
If you’re looking for cleaning products that are powerful yet gentle on your skin and the environment, the plant-based active ingredients in Kavalier products are the answer. Try it yourself and see how the power of nature can work to your advantage!