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Unplanned glue ‘tattoos’ on your camper? Our Camper’s Clean Unstick sticker remover says: ‘Not on my watch!’ Say goodbye to stubborn glue residues that get stuck where they shouldn’t. This remover is like a magician for glue, it disappears easily, leaving your surfaces clean and fresh as if nothing had happened.

Why is it worth trusting our liquid?

“Camper’s Clean Unstick” was developed on the basis of advanced research and tests to ensure the highest effectiveness of removing glue and sticker residues, while ensuring the safety of the camper surface. Its unique formula, free from harmful substances, has been designed to work quickly and effectively, minimizing the risk of damage. By choosing our product, you choose a professional solution that has been approved and recommended by experts in the field of vehicle care.

Plant active ingredients provide unique cleansing, moisturizing or care properties and are friendly to the skin and the environment

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Camper’s Clean Unstick – Masterful Removal of Stickers and Adhesive Remains

Every adventure with a camper can leave a trace – unwanted stickers from travel destinations, labels or stubborn glue residues from decorations. But should it affect the aesthetics of your vehicle? Definitely not! Thanks to the “Camper’s Clean Unstick” product, you can quickly return your camper to its original appearance.

Our specially developed remover is based on an innovative formula that dissolves glue and other difficult-to-remove substances without damaging the paint and the surface of the camper. Its action is concentrated where it is needed, i.e. directly on problematic stains, leaving no traces or streaks.

Don’t let random ‘tattoos’ spoil the look of your camper. Thanks to “Camper’s Clean Unstick” you will be able to enjoy a spotlessly clean and aesthetic vehicle, regardless of the adventures experienced. Perfect for everyone who values ​​professionalism and effectiveness in vehicle care.

How to use:
  1. Apply a small amount of liquid directly to the remains of glue or stickers.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the product to take effect.
  3. Gently wipe the surface with a clean microfiber to remove any residue.
  4. Repeat the action if necessary.
Outdoor Resilience
Total Protection
Safe Ingredients
Ease of Use
Anti-UV Protection
Refreshing Fragrance
Long lasting effect
Prestigious Quality

Why is it worth ?

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