500 ml

Turn your camping adventure into a blockbuster with our advanced glass cleaner. This special formula can turn dirt and road debris into invisible particles. A streak-free finish? Of course, every time! So stop looking through the dirty glass and start admiring the scenery as if on the big screen.

Why is it worth trusting our liquid?

The carefully selected formula ensures effective removal of impurities and prevention of steam condensation.

Our liquid was created to protect your windows and rubber seals, without containing harmful substances.

We have introduced anti-fog properties, which significantly improve driving comfort in changing weather conditions.

Streak-free finish:
We guarantee perfect results without leaving unsightly marks.

By using our products, you benefit from years of experience and passion for creating the highest quality cleaning products.

Plant active ingredients provide unique cleansing, moisturizing or care properties and are friendly to the skin and the environment

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Road Ready Glass – Professional Camper Window Cleaning Liquid with Anti-Fog Properties

Each camper trip is different, but one thing is certain – the beauty of nature that you observe through the glass should be as clear as possible. That’s why we introduce “Road Ready Glass” – your irreplaceable partner in ensuring crystal clear views.

Main product features:

Anti-steam properties:
This is the advantage you need in changing weather conditions. Our formula prevents condensation of water vapor on the glass, which significantly improves visibility.

Exceptional cleaning power:
Effectively removes road pollutants, pollen, insects and other dirt. The advanced formula turns impurities into invisible particles.

Streak-free finish:
Are you tired of unsightly streaks after washing the glass? With “Road Ready Glass” you can be sure that each wash will leave your windows in perfect condition.

Application comfort:
Thanks to its non-sticky consistency, the liquid spreads easily and is easy to use.

The liquid does not contain harmful substances, making it safe for all types of glass and rubber seals.

Economy in use:
Thanks to the concentrated formula, even a small amount of the product guarantees excellent results.

How to use:

Spray the cloth with the Product

Clean the dirty one glass

Polish the glass clean cloth

Outdoor Resilience
Total Protection
Safe Ingredients
Ease of Use
Anti-UV Protection
Refreshing Fragrance
Long lasting effect
Prestigious Quality

Why is it worth ?

Essential products
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Choose the perfect products for cleaning your home, camper, car and other surfaces. Their advanced formulas guarantee excellent results and leave surfaces spotlessly clean, giving them a unique shine.

At Kavalier, we understand that taking care of the planet is not only a fashionable trend, but above all our common responsibility. That’s why our products are created with minimal environmental impact in mind.

We use biodegradable ingredients, and our packaging is largely made of renewable or recyclable materials.

In addition, we are involved in various environmental initiatives that help protect our planet for future generations.

By choosing Kavalier products, you choose not only efficiency, but also quality. Our products are the result of almost 150 years of experience and innovation, and each of them has been designed to meet the highest standards of efficiency and safety. It is a combination of tradition and modernity, where each product is synonymous with perfection.

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Plant active ingredients are natural substances of plant origin that have been identified for their unique cleansing, moisturizing or caring properties.

We use them in our products to provide effective yet gentle care. Thanks to them, our products are not only effective, but also skin and environmentally friendly.

Quality is not just a promise, it is our mission. Each product bearing the Kavalier logo goes through strict quality controls, starting from the design stage, through production, to final tests.

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